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ALBANY PD is pleased to be hosting the PROTECTING OUR ​SCHOOLS Training series. This is the first (Basic) of three ​sessions needed to become a Certified Campus Security ​Assessor (CSA).

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215 Washington Ave ​Ext.

Ablbany, NY 12205

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Date & Time

Tues. mAY 28 -

Thurs. MaY 30, 2024

0830 to 1600 daily

Course Fee: $475.00

Participants will gain the ability to:

  • Properly Conduct an ALL HAZARDS ​Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Understand & Apply Proper Assessment ​Methodology
  • Accurately Assess Security Features such ​as Doors, Locks, Technology, and more
  • Provide Recommendations for Campus ​Security Improvements
  • Develop Comprehensive Reports

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Intro to Asset Protection Programs
  • Intro to Security Terms & Definitions
  • Review School Violence Trends
  • Case Study Review
  • Defining the Role of Campus Safety & ​Security
  • Intro to the Assessment Process
  • Intro to the Threat Assessment
  • Intro to the Vulnerability Assessment
  • Tabletop Exercise and more
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Program Goals - The curriculum presented ​in this POST Certified course, PROTECTING ​OUR SCHOOLS meets both the needs of the ​individual who is new to the field of campus ​physical security OR the veteran who has the ​responsibility for managing campus safety ​and security programs.

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“If you are serious about school safety and security within your ​jurisdiction Patrick Chagnon’s training is a must. Once you ​complete his “Trilogy” you will never look at a building as you did in ​the past. Just completing the basic level is eye opening. And “just” ​is an understatement. Patrick, through his training and experience, ​gives you the tools so that you have a well-rounded approach to ​school security.”

John Hamelburg- Commander Randolph MA, PD

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Free Training Notice

In a world of uncertainty, being prepared for the ​unthinkable is no longer an option for those who ​don't want to become a fatality statistic.

  • Have you ever wondered how certain people ​SURVIVE a tragic act of violence, like an active ​shooter?
  • Are those survivors special? Do they know ​something we don’t?
  • Have you ever wondered how you would ​respond if you found yourself in an active ​shooter event?

Well, wonder no more - this FREE Citizens Response to ​Active Shooter Events (C.R.A.S.E.) training program is ​designed to answer your questions and help you​ become a SURVIVOR, because YOUR RESPONSE ​MATTERS -

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ACtive Shooter

What do I do?


Be ProActive

Be Prepared


Businesses, Schools, Public ​Venues, and Churches are ​where 89% of all Active ​Attacks in the United States ​take place.


Get Empowered

Inform and train your staff, volunteers, ​etc. through the ALERRT Certified​ C.R.A.S.E. program designed ​specifically for training Civilian ​Response to Active Shooter Events.


This program is free to any & all ​organizations who want it. ​Provided by Certified C.R.A.S.E. ​Instructor, Detective Patrick ​Chagnon (Ret. CSP). To book a ​free session, click on logo.


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